Developing Supervisory Skills: Toolkit

The Supervisor Toolkit has been designed to get you started on developing supervisory skills, whether it is for yourself, your employees, or your company.

Building the Foundation / how to develop supervisory skills

arrow-icon-1 Video workshop: How to get started on developing your supervisory skills

If you are not sure how to start, this video workshop was created specifically for you.

arrow-icon-1 Developing Supervisory Skills: Strategies & Recommendations [PDF, 618 KB]

This study looks into 6 elements for training success and includes practical recommendations for employers and employees.

arrow-icon-1 Supervisory Skills Development Resource Guide [PDF, 2.39 MB]

This Guide is designed to help employers identify gaps in supervisory skills among their workers and the training courses in B.C. that will help fill them. Includes the skills framework and assessment checklists.

Adding the Building Blocks / developing specific supervisory skills

arrow-icon-1 Skills Framework [PDF, 232 KB]

An overview of the skills required by today’s supervisors, including a framework of 60 foundational skills.

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